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Girls who were once seen as only domestic laborers, caretakers of younger siblings and financial burdens on their families, are now reading, surfing, swimming, going to high school, graduating, earning income and following their passions. They are the untapped talent pool for economic reform and the mothers of our future. We could not do it without your support.

Mariposa Center for Girls

A complex where girls can engage in sports, academic tutoring, job training, crafts, computer and library access, health resources and more. The Center attracts volunteers, educators and humanitarians from across the world to share knowledge. Our vision is to create a model for the world and raise awareness that girls are the most powerful force for change. More information →


Museum of the Girl

An investment in the Museum of the Girl and our future will allow us to further deliver on our mission and provide our girls with outstanding learning opportunities and a world class facility.   More information →


Rise Up Scholarship


As we watch the Mariposas fly out into the world we want to continue to support their success in secondary and higher education through the Rise Up Scholarship Program. . More information →