Mariposas Volando

The Mariposas are Spreading their Wings


Rise Up Scholars

In 2017 three Mariposas Volando embarked on an incredible journey to pursue higher education at the United World Colleges, two in Costa Rica and one in Wales. The program is highly competitive and students from all over theworld are carefully selected by a committee to join the international UWC committee and further develop their emerging leadership skills.

The girls that were selected from Mariposa this year are truly exceptional. These are girls that grew up with all of the odds stacked against them. Collectively, they have faced every challenge imaginable that can affect a child in extreme poverty – hunger, homelessness, health crises and hopelessness. They are children who persevered and took full advantage of the opportunities that were given to them.

They have overcome these seemingly insurmountable challenges and are living proof that the Mariposa model changes lives. They are conclusive evidence that if you invest in a girl, she will rise up and break the cycle of generational poverty for her entire family.   

Mariposa Rise Up Scholarship Fund

Name inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda “My Shot” and created for exceptional Dominican and Haitian girls whose stories have yet to be written.

Mission: Support girls who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, compassion for others, and a passion to affect change in their community to study abroad at United World College with students from more than 80 countries, with the opportunity to continue on to college in the United States.

Vision: That girls living in poverty can rise up and achieve their full potential so they can part of global solutions.

UWC chooses students independent of financial need and provides partial and full scholarships. While in the program, not only do they receive a world-class education, but also they are given the opportunity to compete and apply for full scholarships to top colleges in the United States.


University Scholars

We are committed to helping the young women that have gone through our programs who want to continue on to higher education. Through the generosity of the Dunn Family Charitable Foundation we have begun the University Scholars Program.

Mariposas At Work

Early on Mariposas are taught skills that all employers value, including being thoughtful, on time, and honest. We help Mariposas to create resumes and computer skills at a young age, making our graduates some of the most sought after employees. We facilitate internships, including teaching at our Center, training at our very own coffee shop Cabarete Coffee, and teaching swimming and surfing.