Finca Alta Gracia

A magical place high (alta) in the Dominican mountains, a place of gratitude and grace (gracia), including care and nurturing of the land and the community and all those who visit there.


What We Do at the Farm



Finca Alta Gracia is a one-of-a-kind resource both environmentally and culturally in the Dominican Republic.  The farm spans about 230 acres, offering a refuge for wildlife, like the threatened Bicknell Thrush. It is also the start of the most important watershed on the island, offering an incredible educational and stewardship opportunity (from mountains to sea). Coffee, macadamia, citrus, bamboo, among other plants grow on our farm.



With the assistance of the Acronis Foundation we are in the process of building a first-class educational center/school in Los Maranitos using our model of girls education to support girls and help them break the cycle of generational poverty through education. Programming will include academic courses, academic tutoring, and environmental education, including a teaching garden.  



The Mariposa DR Foundation is a leader in the community engaged learning field, and Finca Altagracia is an incredible backdrop for these groups to experience the environment and culture of the Dominican Republic