Museum of the Girl

The World’s First Museum Dedicated to Girls


 Imagine beautifully diverse and life-sized portraits of girls posing confidently with a smile that matches her fortitude.

Imagine a vaulted ceiling illuminates the entry foyer and brings light to the array of exhibits that fill up the space.  

Imagine a digital wall-to-ceiling screen that offers vignettes of girls from around the world telling their own stories, in their own words.  

 Imagine a long tunnel that tells the story, and mimics the experience of a girl being harassed as she walks down the street. Bombarded by the sounds and sneers of male voices spewing derogatory comments and solicitations puts the visitor in the shoes of these girls, echoing the discomfort that these girls experience and the reality of cat-calling and verbal harassment.

Imagine a foyer filled with inspirational and powerful women who inspire the world through their strength and perseverance.

Imagine a space dedicated to celebrating and inspiring the potential and power of each young girl.  

Imagine a full immersion into a place of learning filled with state of the art mixed media exhibits that draws the viewer in, engages all of their senses, and challenges them to think about what it means to be a girl in different contexts.

Imagine changing the story, breaking the stereotypes, and displaying girls as the heroes, leaders, thinkers,
inventors and change-makers of today.

Imagine an orchestra of voices in harmony affirming, “We are the most powerful force for change.”

Imagine a world in which women and girls are celebrated and uplifted, listened to and respected. This is the world we want to create with the Mariposa Museum of the Girl. This is the space we are making for our girls to imagine.

The Mariposa Museum of the Girl will be an emotional and transformative journey that places every visitor in the shoes of a young girl, facing a world full of challenges and obstacles. Our museum is dedicated to the young girl who has never seen a role model that looks like her. It is for the young girl who has yet to see her own potential and all that she can achieve. We are dedicated to creating agents of change in the fight towards gender equality. The Mariposa Museum of the Girl seeks to create sustainable solutions, passionate girls’ activists, and champions of equal rights. Our museum highlights the reason why investing in the education and empowerment in a girl means educating and uplifting future generations.

The world’s first museum dedicated to the girl will allow us to advance the cause for the international girl movement, in collaboration with girl activists, leaders and educators from around the world.  It is our mission to continue to expand our work on a global scale and contribute to the international efforts towards the uplifting, educating, and empowering of girls.