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Mariposas Rise Up

Last August, three Mariposa girls, and new entrants to our Mariposa Volando (Flying Butterfly) Program, boarded an airplane and flew for the first time in their lives. Two girls, Yaritza and Jafreisy, departed for Costa Rica and the third, Romely, for Wales to embark upon a challenging and transformational educational experience at United World Colleges (UWC) in those two countries.

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Mariposa Summer Camp: Sun, Fun & Lots of Learning!

This summer, the Mariposas have been making a splash land, air and sea! Many new volunteers arrived for our Summer Leadership Camp to share their talents and passions, and the girls are thriving as they take on new endeavors. During camp this year, the butterflies practiced their math and reading skills, cycled around Cabarete, learned to swim or took their water skills to the next level surfing and stand-up paddling! With your support, we are able to provide this amazing programming for our summer camp.

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