Mariposa Summer Camp: Sun, Fun & Lots of Learning!

By Anna Cait Wade - Associate Director of Donor Relations

This summer, the Mariposas have been making a splash land, air and sea! Many new volunteers arrived for our Summer Leadership Camp to share their talents and passions, and the girls are thriving as they take on new endeavors. During camp this year, the butterflies practiced their math and reading skills, cycled around Cabarete, learned to swim or took their water skills to the next level surfing and stand-up paddling! With your support, we are able to provide this amazing programming for our summer camp.

The middle and high school Mariposas once again commenced their mountain biking program with triathlete volunteer, Myia, and recent Mariposa graduates. Biking gives the Mariposas the unique ability and freedom to explore parts of their town that they may never have visited otherwise. Together, they rode trails alongside beaches and mountains on their daily biking excursions. These strong young women biked as many as 20 kilometers in one day! As their endurance strengthens, we see their patience, grit and spirits growing as big as their muscles. 

Not only are the Mariposas dominating Encuentro Surf Beach as they catch the big waves, they are also setting an example for all by protecting the ocean. Each day, after their surf lessons, the surfistas use recycled cacao sacks to collect trash from the beach. This environmental stewardship helps to ensure that the Mariposas will be able to enjoy surfing at Encuentro for years to come. One of the Mariposa surfers, Viviana, age 15, shared, “When I surf I feel really powerful because when I catch a wave, I feel like I have the power to change the world!” 

Alongside summer fun, quality education is a key part of our Summer Leadership Camp. The Mariposas practiced their math and reading skills daily to prepare for the coming school year. In math class, the girls created bouquets of “multiplication flowers.” These flowers helped them to visualize multiplication sets and apply their math skills in a creative way. Our staff also used the extra time in the schedule to devote one-on-one time to those girls needing the most academic support.

Our summer programs also serve as a safe, nurturing place for the Mariposas to spend their summer. By spending their days surrounded by friends and supportive staff, engaged in stimulating activities, the Mariposas continue to develop as strong leaders. In addition, they are able to concentrate and take full advantage of all the opportunities with a full, happy stomach! Your generous contributions make it possible for our programs to provide breakfast and lunch to our girls each day during camp. Surrounded by a robust and holistic support system, we can’t wait to see the heights these butterflies fly to! 

Thank you for all the crucial support you give to girls’ education and empowerment. We could not have done it without you!