“You aren’twhat you accomplish, you are what you overcome” – Julia Alvarez, HONORARY CHAIRWOMAN

We are so proud of what these girls have overcome, and who they have become after many years of growth. We would like to share some of their success stories with you here:


Jafreisy has always brought an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm. She shone in the singing, circus, and surfing programs. She graduated high school in 2017 and studies at UWC Costa Rica. 


Nicole was in Mariposa for four years and especially enjoys English, sports, and participating in the music program. Nicole is very caring and very much a dreamer, always talking about love! She hopes to go on to study early child education and become a teacher.


Victoria was in Mariposa for 4 years. She is a bright young woman and is in an advanced grade for her age (16), a point of pride for her mother who left school after finishing 8th grade. Victoria is the youngest of 3 children. She is always laughing and enjoys life to the fullest. After high school, Victoria would like study business administration.


Yaritza was one of the original Mariposa girls, and joined the organization in 2009. We have been honored to watch her grow into an amazing young woman and voracious reader. She is studying at UWC Costa Rica. 


Yuri participated in Mariposa programs for 4 years, despite her family moving to the next town over. She gets picked up the earliest and gets home the latest but hardly ever misses programs. Her mother stopped school in 5th grade, but has been inspired by the success of her daughter to return to school taking nightclasses. Yuri enjoys singing in the Mariposa musical program and is an avid reader who is in her second year of University studying psychology.


Criseld was in Mariposa for 6 years and sticks out as one of Mariposa’s greatest actresses. She speaks excellent English and uses her skills at her waitressing job, where she earns money to save for college. Her mother married at 17 years old and stopped school in 7th grade, so Criseld is well on her way in taking a different path. Criseld is known for her passion for theater and her kindness towards others. She is very eager to pursue the arts or continue on to higher education!


Romely joined Mariposa in 2012 and is known for being exceptionally kind, patient and mature. She especially enjoyed sewing and artistic projects. After graduating from high school in 2017, she made the big move across the ocean to study at UWC Atlantic College in Wales. 


Melissa was one of the original Mariposa girls. Her mother married at age 15 and had Melissa at age 16, dropping out of school in the 7th grade. Mariposa built Melissa’s family a home, as theirs was in very bad condition. Melissa says that after being a Mariposa for so long, she can’t imagine what her childhood would look like without it. She has already surpassed the education level of her parents and is on her way to do great things!


Radivel has a special gift for creative writing and likes all kinds of art. She and her younger sister joined programs four years ago. Her mother only made it to 4th grade, but Radivel is very studious and always does her homework. Radivel especially loves math. She enjoys participating in the Mariposa musical group as a percussionist and is a surfer. We can’t to see where Radivel’s gift for the arts takes her!