Wish List

Below is a list of items needed at The Mariposa DR Foundation. If you are planning to visit us or know someone who is, many of these items can be packed in your suitcase! Italicized items are the most needed at the moment.

Updated Wish List July 2018

Italicized items are the most needed at the moment.

Class Supplies
Glue sticks for hot glue gun
Acrylic paints
Scissors for adults/children
Duct tape
Plain Printer paper (preferably recycled)
Composition books (300)
Poster board
Poster paper
1/2 inch binder clips
High quality index cards (not store brand)
Multiplication flashcards
Post-It notes
Plastic clipboards
White boards (all sizes, lined or unlined)
Whiteboard markers
Whiteboard erasers
Clear folders
Graph paper
Teaching/reading games in Spanish
White-Out Correction Fluid
5 large classroom whiteboards
Legos for ages 8 & up
Robotics & Science Kits
The Learning Carpet
Thin elastic for jewelry making
Silicon glue
Clips/head bands for decorating
Beads of all sizes

Health & Nutrition
Toothbrushes (adult-sized)
Bulk toothpaste (no travel size toothpaste please)
Bars of soap for hand washing (200)
Bags of chia seeds (30)
Organic Flaxseed Meal
Maple syrup
Forks (100)
Knife (100)
Spoon (100)
Plastic bowls (for things like cereal or popcorn)
Antiseptic Cream
Triple Antibiotic Cream
Burn Cream
Insect Repellant
First Aid kits (Neosporin, band-aids, etc)

Power strips
Canon 211XL Black & Color Ink
Projector & Mac Adaptors (HDMI to VGA, HDMI to USB-C, HDMI to USB)
Canon 120 Toner Cartridge
Epson Stylus Photo R260 Ink Cartridge (Epson 78)
HP Ink Advantage 662 Black & Tri-color Ink
HP Ink Advantage 60 Black & Tri-color Ink
Dedicated Ink Cassette Y/M/C for Canon Selphy CP780
IPad Keyboards
New or nearly-new laptops
Laptop/Computer cleaning tools

Sports Equipment
Thruster Future Fins for Surfboard
FCS Thruster Future Fins for Surfboard
Surf Wax
Water bottles
Tennis balls
20 children’s sports life jackets 6-12 years old
Sports cones
Water shoes

Silica desiccant indicating beads
Environmentally friendly light bulbs (LEDs)
Floor Fans
Full or double bed sheets, pillow cases, and pillows

Keep In Mind: We are so grateful for anything and everything that is donated, and we wouldn’t be able to operate without our supporters! However, some donations can create problems for us. Please consider carefully before bringing the following items:

- Small toothpaste tubes, and other individually packaged items. We do our best to minimize our waste, so please consider the packaging around your donation!
- English books. Although many of our girls are learning, most can’t read in English. We try to keep our library well-stocked with Spanish books. Children’s books by Haitian and Dominican authors are especially great!

You can also check out our Amazon wish list for books and other supplies here:

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