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A first-rate facility that inspires achievement: In the fall of 2012, The Mariposa DR Foundation purchased a large piece of property in the town of Cabarete that was formerly a private school. It had been vacant for two years, was run-down and needed extensive repairs. With your help we are transforming the entire area into a beautiful facility where impoverished Haitian and Dominican girls come to engage in sports, receive academic tutoring, have access to libraries and computers, receive job and life skills training and health and wellness care. For the girls, having their own space allows them to develop healthy relationships with mentors and other girls in the community, and feel empowered to make a difference in their lives, their communities and the world.

Our innovative center attracts visitors from all over the globe. It is a place where volunteers, educators and girl champions can share knowledge on how empowering girls will lift entire families out of generational poverty. The Mariposa Center for Girls is a model for the world.

An amazing transformation that instills pride in our girls and our community. We have mapped out a three-phase development plan for The Mariposa Center for Girls.

An amazing transformation that will instill pride in our girls and our community.

We have mapped out a three-phase development plan for The Mariposa Center for Girls.

Phase One Completed!

Since 2013 we have held all programs at the Mariposa Center for Girls. To move all office operations and programs on site we completed extensive cleaning and repairs including the installation of windows, doors, bathrooms, kitchen, main office, plumbing and electricity. We now have a variety of functional classrooms and workspaces.

Phase Two

By providing private accommodations directly on our property we will be able to cut our costs for long-term volunteer housing and international staff traveling to the country for extended stays. We will attract a more diverse and qualified volunteer pool by providing free accommodations as a benefit to joining us as a volunteer. On site accommodations will also increase revenue brought into the organization by service learning trips.

Phase Three

It is our vision that the Mariposa Center for Girls become self-sustaining by hosting student groups and service learning trips and creating employment opportunities for our girls and their families. Phase 3 will include the construction of a highly visible visitors center and marketplace where the girls can learn and practice trades and earn an income for the center and for themselves.





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