Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Field Trips

Field trips are a key component to our experiential learning program. Ideally each Mariposa girl will go on an average of eight excursions per year and gain 50 hours of experiential learning through field trips. From horseback riding to zip lining, boat tours, museums, local and national tourist attractions, the Mariposa girls are everywhere!

Environmental Education

We mirror the Girl Scouts of America model. Experiencing nature firsthand teaches children to love and care for the environment, ensuring that they will grow into environmentally conscious adults. Each Mariposa girl will have an estimated 40 hours of environmental education. Our monthly activities include gardening, nature hikes and many opportunities to learn about locally grown fruits, vegetables, plants and the many natural wonders of the Dominican Republic.

Cultural Arts

In the Dominican public school system cultural arts is not part of the curriculum. We believe that this is a critical component of a holistic education for all children. Exposure to the arts and creative outlets are associated with gains in verbal skill, motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork. We create an academic environment rich in culture and arts for our girls, enabling them to develop their imagination and critical thinking skills, adding to overall academic achievement and success. Our programs include dance, visual art, music and theatre classes.

Leadership Development and Job Skills Training

Leadership development and job skills training are an integral part of the curriculum for our older Mariposa girls. Once a girl reaches 14 years old, it becomes increasingly important to pay closer attention to her needs and do whatever it takes for her as an individual to get her through adolescence and into adulthood safely. Our older Mariposas, 14 and up, receive about 100 hours of development training per year, some even more depending on their individual needs. This includes vocational training, career path counseling, English classes, individual and small group mentoring, and life skills coaching with regular trips to nearby urban areas to familiarize themselves with the resources available to them.

Community Service

“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Community service is an important part of our empowerment program. Each Mariposa girl will acquire 15-20 hours of community service per year. We want our girls to understand that they may be poor, but the can still be powerful change agents in the lives of those around them. Past community service projects have included visits to the local nursing home, the maternity ward at the public hospital and a women’s drug rehab facility, and working alongside student groups, service learning trips and volunteers to make improvements to local schools.

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