Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Forming beneficial partnerships with other local NGO’s

At The Mariposa DR Foundation we work to create connections among community resources so that we can ensure all of our girls’ needs will be addressed. We do this by collaborating with other like-minded NGO’s that we believe are effectively working towards similar goals.

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Improving Local Schools

Investing in the infrastructure of local schools is essential to engaging the entire community. When people are able to connect direct benefits for the entire community with an organization for girls, it raises awareness to our cause.

At The Mariposa DR Foundation we know that we cannot achieve success without having girls, boys, moms, dads, neighbors, teachers, family and community members on board. By investing in the infrastructure of our local schools we show that we care about our entire community and that organizations for girls are powerful forces for change and make everyone’s lives better. We do this in partnership with student and service learning trips as well as local businesses and volunteers.

CABARETE: Responsible Tourism and Investment Guide

CABARETE: Responsible Tourism and Investment Guide is a yearly publication created by the Mariposa DR Foundation as a sustainable fundraiser for the organization. The yearly magazine features local businesses, describes natural resources and shows people why the North Coast is a great place to vacation and to invest.

In addition to all information found in travel guides (maps, pre-departure information, culture, history, etc.), the guide illustrates the adventure of life in the Dominican Republic, including profiles on foreigners who have made a life in the country and why their contributions have benefited the local community as a whole.

The guide is full of travel tips, opinions, reviews, fun insider information and high quality photography.

All proceeds from advertisement sales will go directly to support the programs at The Mariposa DR Foundation to educate, empower and employ girls living in poverty on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

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