International Awareness

International Awareness

It’s our responsibility to let the world know!

Our work goes beyond our small community in the Dominican Republic. We believe that it is our responsibility show the world that educating and empowering girls is the solution to ending generational poverty everywhere. There are 250 million adolescent girls on Earth living in poverty, which means there are 250 million solutions out there waiting to affect positive change! We strive to be poweful advocates for The Girl Effect and tell as many people as possible how important this work is to the survival of humanity.

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Student Groups and Service Learning Trips

The Mariposa DR Foundation offers custom designed service learning programs for students and groups in challenging and fulfilling learning environments in Cabarete and surrounding areas.

Service learning trips provide a unique opportunity for students to relate academic experiences to real-life situations and foster a sense of civic responsibility. Additionally they are a powerful medium for cross-cultural exchanges and open new horizons for students as well as community members working alongside them.

Learn more about organizing a student group or taking a service-learning trip.

International Volunteer Program

Thousands of tourists pass through this island every year without having a chance to see first hand what life in the Dominican Republic is like for most people. The communities in which we work need advocates who live alongside them, understand their lives and communicate their needs to those who have the resources to help them break out of poverty.

The Mariposa DR Foundation recruits volunteers from top international universities, graduate programs and professional careers for yearlong posts in communities where we work. Our volunteers are chosen through a rigorous selection process and are sustained by personal fundraising efforts or often outside scholarships, grants and fellowships through universities or private donors. Our volunteers live in the communities where we work and tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of the people. Long-term volunteers are critical in ensuring that we are deeply connected and that we have a full understanding of what the priorities should be in each area.

Learn more about our long-term volunteer opportunities.

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